About Us

The MasAmerica team are experts in annual US tax return preparation. We emphasize quality, professionalism, accuracy and value.

Today more than 300,000 Israelis are required by US law to file annual American tax returns. Very few are aware of their filing obligations even though there has been publicity in the media and notices from their financial institutions. This is only natural – since many people are intimidated by the thought of having to deal with the American Tax Authorities (IRS), they simply do not file returns.

The MasAmerica staff has experience and broad knowledge in accounting and law in Israel and the US. Their experience is “hands on” and practical so they can provide our clients with the peace of mind that they seek from annual return filings in the US .

We also assist Israeli citizens who need to file US returns with all of their tax needs.

The Team

Steven Ettinger Esq.

JD, LLm (Taxation) – CEO

Steven Ettinger is a licensed attorney in the US. He is one of the top experts in Israel in US tax matters for corporations, business entities and individuals. He made aliyah to Israel in 2003. He graduated with honors with degrees in accounting and law and immediately embarked on a career in tax working for the IRS and the US Department of Justice. He then worked in the tax department of several international corporations.

After making aliyah, Steven was an international tax manager at Kesselman and Kesselman (PwC) in Tel Aviv and in 2006 was in charge of the American tax desk at KPMG Somekh Chaikin, where he advised individuals and businesses in Israel on all tax issues relevant to their activities.

In 2008, he became a principle in the New York accounting firm Billet, Feit & Preis PC (BFP). As Tax Director, he is responsible for all of the firm’s tax activities including: compliance, consulting. planning, and tax controversy.

In addition to his business activities, Steven has been an adjunct professor at the law school and international business program (teaching courses in tax and business law) at the Interdisciplinary College (IDC) in Herzliya.

Elisha Rubin CPA (US)

Senior Tax Manager

Elisha Rubin is the Senior Tax Manager of MasAmerica. Elisha is a licensed CPA in the State of Illinois and has been working in US tax compliance for over 6 years. Elisha graduated with honors from the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University. After making Aliyah in 2011, Elisha joined the Corporate tax compliance group at PwC Israel. Elisha joined MasAmerica in February of 2015 and has been instrumental in the growth of the company from its inception.

Tal Schwartz, CPA, is a special consultant of MasAmerica and is a licensed CPA in Israel and the US.

Tal Schwartz has a degree in accounting and business from the Management College.

Tal Schwartz manages an accounting firm in Tel Aviv and provides services to Israeli individuals and businesses that operate in Israel and the US. He specializes in consulting for individuals who are in involved in relocations and for high tech companies. Additionally, Tal Schwartz is an advisor to the Israel Accounting Board for US tax matters and a member of the audit committee of a member of well known public associations.

Tal Schwartz

CPA (Isr., USA) – Special Consultant

Professional Partners

Billet, Feit & Preis PC (BFP) – The New York accounting firm was established in 1936. Since its founding, it has provided a wide range of services to its impressive client base, including: audit, accounting, tax consulting, business consulting, and tax controversy.

The coordination between BFP and MasAmerica allows us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and effective solutions for our clients needs – and to provide solutions that best fit within the US/Israeli tax dynamic that is their everyday reality.