American Citizens/Green Card Holders

At MasAmerica we are client driven, and provide effective, professional and prompt service.

Initial Contact and Intake

Once you have contacted MasAmerica we will send you a short questionnaire as well as a list of the documents needed.

Fill out the questionnaire and collect all necessary information

Complete our questionnaire by filling in all of the information required to prepare your tax return and send in all required documents.

Tax Preparation

Our experienced staff will prepare you tax return. We will contact you with any questions that we have along the way.

Client Copy + Client Signature

A client copy of your completed tax return will be sent to you for your approval and signature.

Filing your tax return with the IRS

Once we have recieved your signed approval we will file your tax return with the IRS.
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Even after filing, you are not alone. MasAmerica experts are available to help with tax payments or any other questions and concerns.

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