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Who needs to file?

US citizens,
US residents
US investors,
Greencard holders


Failure to report bank accounts and financial holdings outside the United States may be considered a criminal offense. in addition to imposing heavy fines

Streamlined Submission

U.S. citizens who live outside the U.S. and have not filed a tax report with the IRS in previous years

Solutions for the IRS

American Citizens/Green Card Holders, Real Estate Investors

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A Combination of Knowledge, Experience & Personal Service by American & Israeli Tax & Legal Professionals.

At MasAmerica we provide professional tax filing services for Israelis that are required by law to report to the American Tax Authorities (IRS) according to American Tax laws. Our goal is to provide personal and professional service.

Our team includes accountants and lawyers who are experts in American tax issues.

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We will accompany you personally, professionally and expertly throughout the process until the goal is completed.
New in - MasAmerica להחליף בתמונה - אבי ישלח לי דוגמה להמחשה
One Stop Shop. Israeli Tax returns can be filed through MASAMERICA as well!

במקום הלוגו של איי.אר.אס לשים תמונה של רואה חשבון עובד במשרד

US taxation for Israeli residents

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Annual reporting to US tax authorities

April 15:

  • Due date of Federal income tax returns for US residents.
  • Due date of most State income tax returns.
  • If you will owe tax this year, make your payment before this date to avoid interest.


June 15:

  • Due date of Federal income tax returns for US citizens living abroad.
  • Make your tax payment before this date to avoid late payment penalties.


October 15:

  • Extended due date of Federal income tax returns and FBARs.

Obligation to report to the IRS

American Citizens / Green Card Owners (permanent resident status) – whether salaried or self-employed, must report annually on all types of income, whether exempt in Israel or not, and must also report on certain financial assets.
Investors and real estate developers in the United States investing independently or as part of an investment group must file federal annual reports, and may also be state and regional. Click for more information

The general reporting obligation in the United States exists since 1913. Since 1974, there is also a reporting requirement for financial accounts located outside the United States.

In 2010, the FATCA passed a congressional law requiring worldwide financial institutions to report annually to U.S. tax authorities on Americans holding financial accounts outside the United States.

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Client Testimonials


"ברצוני להודות לך,על הטיפול המקצועי,והמהיר,בנושא הגשת הדוח,לרשויות המס בארה''ב, וכן גם על,ההסבר לגבי התהליך עצמו,שגרם לנו להרגיש, ונתן לנו בטחון,והרגשה נעימה שאנחנו נמצאים במקום בטוח אתך."

סוזן וראובן לוי

"After living in Israel for 15 years, I thought catching up on my US taxes was going to be a complete nightmare. Luckily I found MasAmerica. I worked with Steven and Elisha and they made it fast, easy and painless. Now I'm compliant and I know who to go to with all my future tax needs. Expect quality & American style service from this small and friendly firm at a reasonable price."

Anat Sivan

"Steven and Elisha made a daunting process super easy. They were clear, transparent and professional as well as lovely to work with."

Tamar and Haggai

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