The actions that can be taken through the IRS website

The IRS is the U.S. Tax Authority. The IRS website is used to manage and collect funds from all citizens working in the country. Using an advanced computer system, and an accessible and user-friendly website, the website manages to help many people exercise their rights and know the exact extent of their duties and their rights.



The IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service, is the U.S. federal body responsible for collecting tax from citizens.

Most of the body’s collection focuses on income tax, alongside collecting corporate and property taxes. In addition, when necessary, the body also serves to distribute funds, especially during times of crisis such as the coronavirus, as well as in situations where tax refunds are needed.

Therefore, the Authority must ensure great accessibility for its citizens, a requirement that the IRS meets rather well.

First, the IRS keeps the civilians up to date and informs them on many different platforms. This system presents every decision and law that passes through the country, relating to the billing and credit given to citizens. In addition, the information on the site is accessible to citizens, even for those who have difficulty coping with the innovations of technology.

Using videos explaining the different procedures the applicants might face, and detailing in general how the procedure will work, the IRS succeeds in giving the entire population means in which they can carry out different actions. In addition, situations in which it is recommended to contact an IRS representative are described.

Receiving U.S. tax breaks during the Coronavirus period

As is well known, the American administration coped better than the Israeli one against the economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the benefits package given to citizens, they received various tax benefits.

In addition to the authority’s assistance in filling out the relevant forms, the IRS directs citizens to the relevant information center, which is determined by the type of relief they request, whether it is private citizens, who are divided into couples and singles, whether it is businesses, benefit recipients and so on.


Arranging U.S. tax debts to the authorities

In addition to making the payments, which we will detail below, the IRS website offers a number of tools for taxpayers.

The IRS offers a variety of payment methods, including bank account, debit card, cash, checks, and more. Furthermore, the U.S. Tax Authority provides a contact platform and information regarding what can be done if the citizen is unable to pay his debt currently.

In addition to various arrangements, which allow the debt to be deployed over time, it is possible to postpone the payment date until economic recovery and even cancel part of the debt, all through the U.S. Tax Authority website.


Receiving documentation of tax payments

This is a service provided only to private individuals.

Those who request can receive a comprehensive transcript of all the tax debts they have paid in recent years. The documentation in question can be requested both on the website and by email.

The website lists all the data you need to hold for the purpose of submitting the application, including the U.S. Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, access to the e-mail account, and so on.

It also details what the applicant will receive in each type of request, which provides information on different scopes.


Viewing the personal account on the IRS website and making payouts

First, the IRS website grants the taxpayer the permission to review his account.

This option provides the taxpayer with a viewing channel for all the data the authority holds, including its payment history, the balance for each tax year in which it was charged, as well as the amount of the refund or debt it must pay, which is updated daily.

As for making the payments, it can be determined that the U.S. Tax Authority has done everything it can for the citizen. Using the aid of an accessible and convenient system, which allows making payments based on a simple classification method that divides the taxpayers into two main groups:

  • Those earning over $669,000 a year.
  • Those earning less than $669,000 a year.

This allows the tax payment to be simple and fast. In addition, the explanation includes requirements in which the payer must meet such as providing the previous year’s tax refund form.

For those struggling to understand the IRS provides an assisting service the ITA – Interactive Tax Assistance.

This system, an aid system for the people struggling to comprehend the tax world, is designed to provide answers to legal questions in the field of taxation and can determine whether a particular income is taxable and even if the examiner deserves a tax refund for some of his expenses.


Different explanations

Form 1040

A form intended for U.S. taxpayers who are eligible for a tax refund. The site offers citizens and residents a breakdown of each of the forms, according to the different criteria.

One example is those with additional income, including gambling, scholarships, and more, are entitled to personal details for them.


Form 2290

A form intended to clarify tax payments for people in possession of a heavy vehicle and the pollution it creates. Due to the gap between the taxes that residents are required to pay, depending on the weight of the vehicle and the extent of use, the IRS website offers guides that direct each person to his intended form.



The American IRS is responsible for the tax payments of American citizens, and sometimes the distribution of funds to citizens, similar to Israeli Social Security.

In contrast to the Israeli social security authority, the IRS website manages to reach most citizens through a system that is accessible and user-friendly.

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